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Hello Bloggers!

30 Jul

Welcome to

The exciting new site that enables bloggers to match up with brands. 

Brands these days are getting more blog-savvy.  PR’s know that parental bloggers have a huge influence on the success or failure of their brand.  Many PR’s want to work with bloggers on campaigns, reviews or just to seek out advertising spaces and is the ideal portal for them to get their ideas infront of hundreds of willing bloggers.

Bloggers that register for our newsletter will receive regular news (not so often we clog up your inbox, about once a week) from brands that want to work with you.  We don’t discriminate, our news letter goes to all bloggers who register with us, so whether you’ve been blogging for years and have a Klout of 102 or you’re just starting out on your blog and not yet sure about your Post Ranks, Twuffers and Flickrs – you can all read what the brands have to say.

Bloggers can register by clicking on the Join Our Club page above.

A more bespoke service is also available for brands and PR’s should email to find out more.