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Tactic Games – Play and Say!

26 Sep

Tactic sent loads of games recently to a whole host of bloggers, here’s what they had to say!

A Matter of Choice was first to send her review Then Followed Stay at Home Daddy for 2   

And Andalucia Explorer sent her review  – Dad’s Cooking Tonight had fun with pirates and dragons!  Seasider in the City liked Dotto!  A Boy with Asperger’s enjoyed Dotto too – as well as Moors Mummy and Emmys Mummy

Frugal Fanny likes Tactic too, and we’ve just giggled with Fun as a Gran, Given to Distracting Others was a good choice for board game testing..

Image courtesy of Fun as a Gran

A New Addition weren’t keen on Dotto but loved Faqir!  It’s a Dogs Life with Henry and M.E.  reviewed two games…..and so did My Wonderful Mad House

Bubbaloves Tactic Games too…. The Madhouse Family reviews liked Faqir and the Madhouse Family Reviews played Dotto too ! Dragons and FairyDust played Roll for Gold and Dragons and Fairydust also played Draco!  Seasider in the City played Faqir.

Rentabuggy had a go with Dotto and Moors Mummy played Roll for Gold


Ben & Betty are reviewed by Blog-Match Bloggers…

19 Sep

All of our Ben & Betty Reviews will appear here...

How to be a Domestic Disgrace had us enthralled with a great review – then she had us laughing at her quote “Oh look Rory, it’s a digger! Digger starts with ‘d’.”  “You are wrong Mummy, that is actually an excavator”.  Precocious little smartarse” 

Aled at Minibreak Mummy had a good time – we liked that they bullet pointed their likes and dislikes.

Little Mis Sunshine is our reviewer at Rollercoaster Mum

Trials and tribulations of a Brummie Mummy has a review here

Mummy Fever reviewed here, Lindy Loves Ben & Betty

We’re loving organising an event…take a look at this venue….

18 Sep

Here at Blog-Match we’re organising two blogger events… todays plans are all centred around the Midland event, to be held at Oundle Mill.  It’s on the River Nene, actually we do mean literally, as if you stand in reception there is a glass floor for you to look through and see the River so it is actually ON the River Nene!

We’ve had a meal here for our birthdays a while back and the food is to die for, truly delicious and of course our blogger event includes food !

Take a look through our galley and if you’re free on October 11th – then join and come along and join in the fun!!

Now….lets see, what shall we put in all the goody bags…….

We’re testing Moon Dough…

11 Sep

Our friends at Spinmaster have sent out 15 Moon Dough Supermarkets, and we await the reviews…

This Mid 30s Life liked Moon Dough !

There’s Moon Dough inside Mummys Space  –

Looks like Mummy Central had some fun with Moon Dough

Here come the Girls also had a Moon Dough day…

Even a Meerkat joined in at How to be a Domestic Disgrace!

Given to Distracting Others got distracted by Moon Dough !  Grumpyish Mum isn’t that grumpy with Moon Dough, My Mummies Pennies were spent wisely on Moon Dough!

Do you have a product or service you need to promote?

8 Sep

Attention – anyone with a product or service to promote…

You may own a brand, you may have a new product to launch, you may be a PR, you may be a retailer…..anyone who has ‘something’ they’d like parental bloggers to write about is welcome to join and use this valuable resource…

On joining you will be able to have your press release included in a weekly email newsletter that goes directly to the inbox of literally hundreds of parental bloggers.

They have signed up to receive your news….

Fill in our online registration form with no obligation and someone will call you to go through what we can offer, so far some huge brands have used and what’s more – they come back to use us again!

If you need advice on what works best when working with bloggers just ask, we will provde this (currently) free of charge.

Molkky – let’s see what the reviews say…

6 Sep

Our friends at Molkky are looking at these lovely reviews:

Bubbaloves Molkky

Fun as a Gran takes a look

Frugal Fanny tests Molkky

Diary of a stay at home daddy

Anducia Explorer

Seasider in the City

Moors Mummy

A Dog Life

My Wonderful Madhouse

A Matter of Choice

Dragons and FairyDust

The Madhouse Family Reviews

My Mummies Pennies


More to follow….

Guest Blog – Emily Jones from Education Recycle

2 Sep

 Education Recycle 

Being a Newbie is not easy

“I am way out of my depth with this Blogging thing” I thought it would be so easy, set up a page and start writing about my passion, children and education. How hard can it be? I am doing a Law degree; I run a family business and have a family. Blogging was meant to be a bolt on to my site, a fun way to get out the reason why we are running a site for free…but oh no… IT HAS TAKEN OVER MY LIFE. I mean it…it has actually taken over my life and now influences what I do, think about, do with my family – oh look what my daughter/husband/dog is doing– first thought is not that it is funny/thought provoking/sad… but that would make a great Blog…”hang on darling, do that again so mummy can take a photo”

“Can we go out Mum?” …”NO, mummy is writing a blog about the last trip out, can’t you put the TV on for a bit”

So I am new to this, I am a species known in the Blogging world as a “newbie” – yes I am the one that posts in the wrong forum on Britmums and still can’t get her head round a blogbuzz or blog carnival and I still laugh at the word “Linky”, I’m sorry it is a very funny word, especially when said by grown adults!

And pray tell me what “Klout” is? I thought it was when someone hit someone over the head – you know giving them a clout. All I know is that I am NOT a big “influencer” but I am an “observer”– is that another way of saying you are not very good then, such a polite way of saying it though.

It sounds like I hate what I am doing, I don’t, I love it – but there is a big scary Blogging world out there and for a newbie who couldn’t even text two years ago it has been a steep learning curve.

My family and I wanted to make a difference to family’s lives by setting up our site which gives a platform for families to give and take educational items. We were so fed up with only some children being able to afford the equipment needed to succeed in education, including my own child that we decided to embark on a project to change things. It is working, but we are seeing life through different eyes, not everyone wants us to succeed – maybe we are taking business away from others, but we have come across some very hard people who will do what it takes to stop you.

On the other hand we have come across very kind and giving people who want nothing more than to help us on our way and we thank them.

Life has changed for my husband and me. I am sure we will continue to spend the next couple of years going to bed, putting the lights on low and reaching over to put the laptops on to check on e mails, scores, likes and trying to get our Linky on others Linkys! That’s love for you…whispering in your loved ones ear just before you go to sleep…”darling we have 5 more likes on Facebook”

I would like to say to anyone that has come across me, thank you for your patience and I am getting better every day I embark on this project – I am a better person for it, of that I am sure.

You can visit my blog at

You can visit my site at