Tactic Games – Play and Say!

26 Sep

Tactic sent loads of games recently to a whole host of bloggers, here’s what they had to say!

A Matter of Choice was first to send her review Then Followed Stay at Home Daddy for 2   

And Andalucia Explorer sent her review  – Dad’s Cooking Tonight had fun with pirates and dragons!  Seasider in the City liked Dotto!  A Boy with Asperger’s enjoyed Dotto too – as well as Moors Mummy and Emmys Mummy

Frugal Fanny likes Tactic too, and we’ve just giggled with Fun as a Gran, Given to Distracting Others was a good choice for board game testing..

Image courtesy of Fun as a Gran

A New Addition weren’t keen on Dotto but loved Faqir!  It’s a Dogs Life with Henry and M.E.  reviewed two games…..and so did My Wonderful Mad House

Bubbaloves Tactic Games too…. The Madhouse Family reviews liked Faqir and the Madhouse Family Reviews played Dotto too ! Dragons and FairyDust played Roll for Gold and Dragons and Fairydust also played Draco!  Seasider in the City played Faqir.

Rentabuggy had a go with Dotto and Moors Mummy played Roll for Gold


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