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Our new button…..

24 May

We’ve had a small redesign and think our new button is more punchy – please feel free to update yours!!

If you’ve added the button, then drop us an email and we will add you to our blog roll.

(If you need the code – it will be in the blog flash this week)

Protecting your Rascal with Raskullz

3 May

The 12 testers have now been chosen and the Raskullz Helmets are all being packed tonight as I type, so watch your post boxes for cards being left, or listen for your doorbell as the courier arrives….

Once you have done your review please add the URL to the comments section below.  We hope you can find an hours sunshine at least, to be able to get outside to review!  The weather is playing havoc with our outdoor product review items!

Image courtesy of Splash Pix

We’re looking forward to seeing some fabulous photos of your little rascals!  We’ve already seen Gwen Stefani’s rascal above!

John Crane Ltd – Special May 21st reviews…

2 May

Blog Match will soon ask for some John Crane Ltd volunteers, they have 15 or so items they’d like reviewing and you can choose which one you receive to write about.  Your review should only be made live on Monday May 21st though….

On Monday May 21st place your URL on the comments here, then tweet, facebook, forum etc your URL as much as you are able on Monday May 21st…  just on that day!

Don’t apply until you recieve your Blog Match on May 4th 2012 and know what to do!  We just published this early to tease you all…..