About & Fees

Blog-Match.com is a direct Brand/Company to blogger marketing tool. It allows blanket contact through a special non-invasive arrangement with the blogs for marketing, review or testing purposes.

It allows unique access to many end users usually protected by strict guidelines set in place by the editors of each blog, thus allowing access to each blogsite’s thousands of unique visitors.

With specific bespoke campaigns or blanket marketing being available it makes Blog-Match.com the ultimate tool to get your product information to the very user you require.


£150 Registration Fee (January – December 2013 – inclusive)

1)    Introduction to Bloggers via the “Blog-Flash” (A short intro on what your company does, what brands you carry)

2)    Set up of Brand / Company account (internal office use only)

3)    An e-plan sent to you on how to get the most from Blog-Match.com

4)    Full instructions on how to set out your Brand-Match campaigns to get the best results.

Brand-Matching (running your blog campaign)

Try your first campaign for FREE.


Cost per piece of coverage £100.

Capped at 15 pieces of coverage for £1,500


1)    Blog-Match.com will provide assistance in structuring your campaign

2)    Blog-Match.com will advise Brands on target blogs

3)    Blog-Match.com will collate responses from invitees or target blogs for participation on Brand campaign.

4)    Any outgoing products will be sent by the Brand, with Blog-Match.com providing direct postal addresses.

5)    We will provide Brands with URL’s of targeted blogs, so Brands may assess reviews and editorial.

Bespoke Campaign’s for blog events or more intensive marketing to be priced on a task-by-task basis.


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  1. Kirsty A Abrahams March 8, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    Hi im not sure how to get a badge for my blog can you help please ?

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