Brand Enquiries

Getting your brand in front of bloggers is a simple and effective way to create a buzz.  A cost effective PR campaign can easily be set up here at

Anyone can use!

You may own a brand, you may have a new product to launch, you may be a PR, you may be a retailer…..anyone who has ‘something’ they’d like bloggers to write about is welcome to join and use this valuable resource.

On joining you will be able to have your press release included in a weekly email newsletter that goes directly to the inbox of hundreds of bloggers. 

They have signed up to receive your news….so they don’t feel you are spamming them.

Just register with us to submit your press release and image, you can either tell bloggers your news or pitch to them an idea for you to work together, or even ask to advertise on their site.  Totally up to each subscriber to decide what they want from the resource.

If you need advice on what works best though, we will provde this (currently free of charge).

Fill in the form below with a few initial details and we’ll be in touch about how we can get your brand in front of hundreds of bloggers (or target a niche market for you) – we tailor our efforts to your needs.

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