Small Print

Terms and Conditions


We believe in common sense, and a considered approach to life, so we won’t baffle you with a myriad of terms and conditions for using, as we hope common sense will prevail, but just to make sure we are seeing things the same way, below are a few of the rules we like to work within.

 1) accepts no responsibility for the posts and comments of bloggers on their own sites.

2) accepts no responsibility for any statistics reported the individual blog sites.

3)      Direct contact with individual bloggers is unacceptable, as it’s not what the bloggers signed on for, have promised the bloggers they won’t be inundated with ‘spam’ or unwanted contact.

4)      We cannot guarantee results for any Brand undertaking.

5)     Any registration fee is payable for each year, up front and is non refundable.

6)      All invoices for services rendered will be payable within 14 days of issue, and be administered by Rainbow PR.

7)      We will not allow any contact details (whether blogger or brand) to third party from as we value your privacy.

8)      All campaigns and dealings with us are strictly confidential, (you tell us something, it stays between you and us), this allows for pre-planning of campaigns without tipping your hand to any competition.

9)      Bloggers personal details are strictly confidential.

10)  We reserve the right to edit any press release or refuse it, if it is not appropriate.

11) To be fair to the brands, if bloggers undertake a BRAND-MATCH campaign  – they are obligated to write the review and send the link to by using the Linky or comment section relevent to each campaign.

12) All reviewers are asked to mention and have a link back to the site.

13) Blog Match will have editorial approval for anything written on the Blog Match site; whether by comments or guest posts.

If you do not agree with any of our terms, then please do not join Blog-Match. 

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